What is Manuka Honey

Honey has long been known as a Healthy Food, natural Antiseptic and as a natural ingredient of the best cosmetic products. Honey is a natural skin care beauty product. There are different types of honey, and here, we highlight the famous Manuka Honey.
Manuka is a unique, wild, evergreen tree that grows in a wide area of New Zealand. Manuka tree has beautiful pink flowers that have a very strong smell. In this way, Manuka tree attracts bees, and as a result is healthy and amazingly good Manuka Honey.
Since the ancient times, natives Maori have used Manuku as medicine.
That is a mono-floral honey which is produced by bees that collect nectar from Manuka bushes plants.

Sweet desserts MANUKA HONEY BENEFITS  1313
Sweet desserts MANUKA HONEY BENEFITS  1313

Manuka Honey Whole Foods

Manuka Honey contains organic acids, minerals, Vitamins, vitamin C, A and beta-carotene, as well as all the vitamins of the B-group. Therefore, Manuka Honey is a natural remedy for many diseases of modern people.
What is UMF (Unique Manuka Factor)

UMF is a trademark of quality and therapeutic effect by UMF Honey Association. This trademark may be used only by those Manuka Honey producers that meet the highest and the most stringent criteria of quality and excellence, and their honey is subjected to scientific research and measurements. Manuka Honey is subjected to analysis and tests, in this way, that determines whether there is a specific non-hydrogen peroxide antibacterial activity. If there is, honey is UMF labeled.
If UMF is higher, this means that the healing properties of manuka honey is higher. The largest ever measured UMF was 22 +.

Manuka honey helps in the treatment of various types of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

Manuka Honey Uses

List of diseases which are treated by manuka honey UMF
1. Atopic dermatitis;
2. psoriasis;
3. inflammation of the throat, ear infections, sinus infections;
4. colds;
5. wounds and ulcers of the skin;
6. burns;
7. pain and inflammation in the stomach;
8. reflux
9. mouth ulcers
10.digestive and other gastrointestinal disorders;
11.chronic bronchitis;
12.bronchial asthma;

As you can see, the manuka honey benefits are tremendous. You can use this type of honey for health and immunity, and for the treatment of many chronic diseases.

For oral use teaspoon of UMF Manuka honey three times a day should be taken, and if that is an acute inflammation, the usual dose is one tablespoon every hour.
When the UMF Manuka honey is placed on the wound, that absorbs water from the wound and dried it, and antimicrobial substances destroy microorganisms that can infect the wound. When used outside, that can completely cover the treated area and wrapped with sterile bandage, and bandages are changed once a day. Therapeutic substances penetrate deep into the skin.
When you buy Manuka Honey, pay attention to the following fact: every manuka honey is not healing. Only the manuka honey which is UMF labeled is suitable for therapeutic use!

Manuka Honey for Acne

In recent years, Manuka honey is used as a treatment for acne. Manuka Honey penetrates deeply into the skin, reduces inflammation and destroys bacteria.
Get rid of the wounds and scars, with the help of amazing substances that are found in Manuka Honey. Incredibly!