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In most cases, soup is considered as fad but plays a critical role when it comes to weight loss. Including soup in your weight loss diet is one way of keeping watch on the amount of calories you consume. Besides, soup diets are very good in controlling hunger while struggling to lose weight.

Using Soup to manage calorie intake

The filling qualities are what make soup to work effectively for weight loss. Studies indicate that taking a bowl of soup before meals daily helps one reduce the amount of calories consumed. This is attributed to the high amount of water contained in the soups which makes you feel full. Most soups contain low levels of energy which is an indication that they are low in calories as well. Consumption of foods which are low in energy is important in the sense that the allow you to consume more food while at the same time keeping your calorie levels appropriately low.

The most suitable weight loss soup

When looking for the best soup for weight loss, then going for the broth-based can be a wise idea. This is attributed to the fact that they contain low quantities of calories. These healthy soups include beef, vegetables, chicken, minestrone and soups obtained from whole grains like rice and barley. It is estimated that one cup of broth-based soup contains 80 – 120 calories. For those who wish to maintain their daily calorie intake of 1500 during dieting can still take two cups any soup containing 100 calories and the remaining amount from other foods.

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Soup to stay away from

Although soups are good for weight loss, it is also important to note that not all of them work for that course. For instance, mushroom, lobster bisque, baked potato, cheese or chowder soups (cream-based) contain a higher level of fat and calories (200) compared to the broth-based soups. So if you want to loss weight, it is good to avoid these kinds of soups. There are also others like those made from high fat beef cuts and those containing high levels of calories like cheese.
Most people tend to dwell much on soup in a bid to lose weight faster; however, this may not be the best approach. Cutting your diet to one type of food results into missing other vital nutrients; the best way to achieve the most out of soup is to consume a bowl before settling for lunch or supper. This is vital in the sense that it helps you to keep control over the amount of food you consume. However, if you opt for soup as your main meal, ensure to combine it with salad full of vegetables and whole grain food like wheat roll.


Looking at the benefits that one can get from soup especially so when it comes to weight loss, it is obvious that if you choose the right soup, then you are likely to achieve great results within a short time. Broth-based soups, in this case, have been regarded as the best and therefore it is important for those wishing to lose weight to consider taking utmost two cups a day.
However in order for you to achieve better results, it is advisable that you stay away from cream-based soups as they are known to be heavy-laden with calories. Once you stick to the right soup and keep working out, my bet is that you will be able to lose weight faster and maintain it for long. Soup works in such a way that it controls your appetite and so taking a cup some minutes to lunch will make you eat less and therefore reduce the amount of calories you consume daily.

Source: Consumer Health Digest Weight Loss Center


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