Christmas Menu Ideas

Christmas marks the birth of Christ and it’s the most joyous of all major Christian holidays. There are many customs related to the time of a few weeks around Christmas and they make it the most solemn period in the entire calendar year.

Christmas is the biggest Christian holiday when families gather, because of that Christmas food should be rich, varied and delicious. Christmas menu recipes should be solemn, beautiful decorated. For many Christians Christmas menu recipes are traditional, designed according to the recipes of their grandmothers. Often these foods include some quality meat, and very often it is the turkey. Here are some Christmas menu ideas.

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For this recipe you will need: a turkey; 200 g bacon; onion; 1 lemon; juice of half a lemon; glass of white wine; fat; clove; pepper; salt.
- Prepared turkey well salted and inside it put onion stabbed with cloves and lemon stabbed with a fork. Sew the turkey with white thread.
- Bacon cut into thin slices, coat the turkey and all bind with the white threads that the slices would not fall. Thus prepared turkey sprinkle with pepper.
- In a casserole put two tablespoons of fat, a little water and the turkey and bake for 30 minutes in the oven and on medium heat. While baking, baste occasionally the meat with its juice.
- After that pour the turkey with wine and lemon juice. Continue baking until the turkey starts blushing, and then remove the bacon to turkey get golden color.
- When cooked, remove the thread and remove the onion and lemon and cut meat into pieces. Pour some water in the fat in which turkey was made, stir, return to the oven to boil and pour the juice on cuts of meat.
It is not common, but for the Christmas celebration you can call friends. You will need some ideas for Christmas party food recipes. In that case, you will not prepare turkey or similar complicated food. Food should be varied, happy and beautiful decorated. You can play with your food, make a variety of forms, and your closest friends and family will enjoy.
Here are some ideas for Christmas party food recipes:


For this recipe you will need: bread; melting cheese; olives; ketchup; carrot. With these ingredients, you can create compelling, delicious sandwiches in the shape of a Snowman or Santa Claus. Make your mouth or eyes from olives, cap from ketchup or cheese, nose from carrot. Play with shapes and colors.

Healthy dinner recipes CHRISTMAS FOOD IDEAS FOR PARTY 308

Christmas Party Appetizer Ideas

Christmas Party Appetizer menu should also be colorful and attractive. Here is an example for making interesting Christmas Party Appetizers.


Ingredients: edible green; mayonnaise for dots; cheese for stars. Paint the egg in green. Put the mayonnaise dots on the egg. Make stars from cheese. Your eggs will look like a Christmas tree, and you will get beautiful, colorful Christmas Party Appetizers.

Christmas dinner party menu

Since Christmas is the most important Christian holiday, Christmas dinner is of great importance in the lives of all Christians. This is the time when families gather and spend time together. So, Christmas dinner party menu should be very rich and delicious. You can find many different Christmas cocktail party ideas. You should prepare dinner that your loved ones like the most.
Here is one of the Christmas dinner ideas, very easy to prepare:


1 bunch of basil; 60 dag small tomatoes; 8 steaks appropriate meat; 3 tablespoons mustard; 1 leek; 4 piece cheese; 4 dry-cured ham; 2 tablespoons olive oil; 250 ml beef soup; 100 ml white wine.

Sprinkle steaks with salt and pepper and brush with mustard. Cut the leeks for about 5 cm long pieces. The piece of cheese and prosciutto cut in half lengthwise. On every steak, place the piece of cheese and a slice of ham and a piece of leek. Roll steak and tie with thread or toothpick. Fry them on all sides in olive oil. Pour beef broth, wine and boil rapidly. On reduced heat let them cook for another half hour. Add chopped tomatoes and cook for another 10 minutes. Chop basil and add to the sauce.
Even more pretty good ideas for Christmas dinner, you can find Here. Merry Christmas!

Healthy dinner recipes CHRISTMAS FOOD IDEAS FOR PARTY 308