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How to increase Fertility

Series of tests should be done to find out a cause of infertility. In any case, both men and women, have to get tested. The human reproductive system is very complex, therefore tests can take several months. When the cause is detected, then we begin with appropriate treatment. Before woman takes an Infertility tests, she needs to talk to partner. Couple have to be mentally prepared. Sometimes, It’s necessary to do several tests and It’s necessary to carry out longer treatment. Infertility tests usually involve a physical examination, semen analysis, blood tests, and other special procedures.

Testing for Women

In order to detect the symptoms, there are several test types
• General overview includes overview, gynecological examination, your medical history, issues related to the menstrual cycle and sexual habits. Doctor will ask a patient some more questions: What kind of medications is she taking? Does she drink alcohol? Does she smoke? Woman will have to provide answers to some more questions about her sexual behavior and about her methods of birth control. Doctor will ask her whether she has a sexually transmitted disease (STD), and whether she uses illegal drugs. These are very important facts, for a good start of treatment. If a patient has sexually transmitted disease, then she needs to do additional tests.
Every woman has to find the best time when she can get pregnant. The best time to get pregnant is during ovulation and 1 to 2 days before ovulation. Therefore, the woman has to keep a diary of her menstrual cycle. The records of her menstrual cycle can help doctor to find some solution to infertility problem.
•Then, doctor conducts Hormonal tests: These tests determine the level of hormones. They determine the level of female sex hormones, thyroid hormones and pituitary hormones. These tests indicate the condition of woman’s ovulation.
•Hysterosalpingography is a medical examination that checks the condition of the uterus and oviducts. This way determines if there is blockage of oviducts. This disturbance can be cured by surgery.
•Laparoscopy is a procedure that is done at complete anesthesia. That procedure is used to detect possible defects of the uterus and oviducts.
Physician can determine if there are deformations in the genital system, using ultrasound. Other genetic testing help to locate the cause of infertility.
•Endometrial biopsy is performed between 24 and 28 days of the menstrual cycle. So, physician determines whether there is an inflammation of cells and other causes of failure of ovulation.
• Examination of the fallopian tubes includes HSG (hysterosalpingography) - Contrast x-ray of the fallopian tubes and ultrasonic testing of the fallopian tubes.
Doctor must do testing for infectious factor, due to the possibility of various genital infections.
•Postcoital test is used for screening of female cervical mucus after sexual intercourse. In this way, we determine whether the semen normally moves through mucus.
•Hysteroscopy is an endoscopic method that allows direct examination of the cervical canal and of uterus cavity.

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Testing of males

Infertility isn’t just a woman's problem. According to the survey of CDC, data indicate that 7.5% of all sexually active men under 45 years old, sought medical help. These are 3.3–4.7 million men.
•First, doctor has to do a general overview. There is an overview of the genitals. Then the doctor asks issues about medical history and sexual habits. Issues are also relating to the using of drugs.
•The most important test for men is semen analysis. Using this test, we can determine the number of spermatozoids, their form and their mobility. Men can be exposed to hormonal tests and ultrasound examinations.
•There is very important Microbiological testing - bacteria, Chlamydia, mycoplasms and ureaplasma.
•In many cases, doctor has to examine genetic predisposition to infertility. He may also conduct immunological tests.
•Testicles biopsy is also one of the convenient ways of discovering the causes of male infertility

The problem of infertility is very complex and infertility involves a multitude of causes. According to the World Health Organization, 15% of couples have infertility problems, which means one in ten married couple. For more information, please visit official Website of Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) and WebMD, as relevant sources.
The team, which consists of: a gynecologist, an urologist, an embryologist, an endocrinologist, a microbiologist, a geneticist and a psychologist will do their best to complete all the necessary tests. The treatment of infertility is conducted by a team of doctors. Persistence and desire for children are very important psychologically factor.

Diet to increase Fertility

What to eat to increase Fertility

Do You know which are foods that increase fertility. Many studies have been shown that certain dietary changes can affect fertility, reduce the risk of miscarriage and ensure a healthy pregnancy. There is a food, with many of Antioxidants which protect the ovaries. Most important thing is: you have to eat healthy foods. Change unhealthy habits.
Strictly avoid all GMO foods. Here's a list of foods:
• Eat organic fruits and vegetables.
• Organic Dairy Products. You can find local farmers and buy homemade dairy products from them.
• Fish is rich with important omega-3 fatty acids. Fish supports the normal functioning of hormones, reduce inflammation, and regulate the menstrual cycle. Avoid fattened fish from fish farms.
• Eat only organic meat.
• Eat Corn flour and whole grain cereals.
• Avoid soy and soy products.
• Avoid white sugar, sweets, snacks and other processed foods.
• Especially avoid fast food and ready meals.
• Feel free to eat walnuts, flax seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds.
Fertility diet increases the chances for a healthy pregnancy.

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Fertility Food for Men & Increase Fertility naturally

How to increase your chances of getting pregnant? You can Increase Fertility naturally.
Scientists warn that men who eat a lot of foods of animal origin, such as fatty meat, processed meat and full-fat dairy products, lose quality of semen. Smoking, alcohol, coffee and physical inactivity adversely affect to fertility. Age, and the possible exposure to toxic chemicals, stress, frustration and depression further affect fertility.

List of foods to increase fertility:
• Organic Fruits and Vegetables. Spinach, Swiss chard and Broccoli are especially recommended.
• Vegetable Oils
• Nuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts
• Fatty Fish (mackerel, salmon)
• Yogurt, Butter and similar dairy products
• Offal
• Vitamin C (citrus fruits, peppers, rosehips etc.)
• Folic acid (peanuts, wheat germ, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, banana, melon, milk, eggs)
• Lycopene (red fruits and vegetables, but primarily tomatoes, red grapefruit, ketchup, cooked tomatoes ...)

Foods to avoid Diet to increase Fertility 292