Everything You Need to Know About Research Verified     

The dietary supplement industry is estimated to be valued at 37 billion dollars. In the past decade fitness and health have come to the forefront of increasingly more Americans minds and the wellness industry has reached heights it has never seen before. Leading the cause are dietary supplements. Research shows that an increasing amount Americans are lacking nutrients and vitamins that benefit general health. For this reason more and more Americans are supplementing with dietary supplements. It is estimated that more than half of Americans supplement with either vitamins, mineral and herbal products. To learn more about the different benefits dietary supplements have to offer visit AUTHORITY HEALTH. Although the issue with supplements is that the 37 billion dollar industry is not regulated by the FDA. Supplements have sent thousands of people to the emergency every year because they have been contaminated by drugs or bacteria. Knowing how to safely choose supplements is crucial when looking into a product. The key to choosing the right supplement is research. For this reason we have found Research Verified to be the leading choice for supplements.

The reason why Research Verified is one of the best supplement companies on the market is because they are exactly as they are called: Research Verified. This company does all of the necessary research for you. Research Verified works by using clinical studies to build their product by paying close attention to effective, pure ingredients and accurate dosages. Oftentimes companies will claim to use pure ingredients, which may be true, but those ingredients are watered down with fillers and binders and are not made in FDA certified facilities which makes them susceptible to becoming contaminated with bacteria.

Research Verified ensures that all of their products go through a strict screening process. All products must:

Contain the highest quality ingredients that are based on scientific research.

Contain the accurate dosage and purity based on clinical studies and scientific research.

Be manufactured in an FDA registered facility that is also cGMP certified and made in the USA.

Screened to contain no contaminants that can affect product results or be dangerous for your health.

Insured by a third party monitoring company for consumer protection.

Comply with US pharmacopeia’s quality standards for purity and quality.

The problem with most companies is that they are out to benefit themselves and not the consumer so they will create a low quality product and charge exorbitant amounts for it. To add fuel to the fire, these companies will also have a limited money back guarantees or will trick you into buying more products by having misleading autopay options that begin with a “free” trial offer. Research Verified offers straightforward payment options and a full year money back guarantee. The reason for their generous guarantee is because they understand that not every product is right for every person. They are not out to scheme you out of your money. Their goal is to ensure that every person receive a product that meets their needs and is right for them and understand that it is impossible to create a product that will satisfy every person’s exact needs. For this reason they offer you a full year to return a product you are dissatisfied with for a full refund of your money.

If you are like one of the millions of Americans who are interested in taking a dietary supplement, it is imperative to ensure that you are consuming a top quality product that will have safe and effective results. By choosing Research Verified you are ensuring that you are choosing a top quality product that has been created from clinical studies, research and safety precautions. Make the right choice for yourself so that you can derive from the full benefits that supplements have to offer while having the peace of mind that you are doing so with a product that has been verified through extensive research.