Cancer Fighting Food

Unfortunately, there is no food or supplements that can act as a magic elixir against cancer.
If you are recovering from the surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, or if you go to some other treatment, your main goal is, of course, to get rid of the cancer. Your goal is to submit a good overall treatment. Meanwhile, Cancer fighting Food can help you.

Cancer and Food & Cancer Alternative Treatment

You have to strengthen your Immune System, thereby, your body is more easily fighting against infections. Some Balanced Diet is the best solution. Here are the following helpful tips:

1.Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains
2.Reduce fat intake in the diet
3.You have to Lose Weight if you are overweight
4.Avoid alcoholic beverages
5.Organic Food is the best solution
6.Increase your intake of turkey and chicken, eat fish 3 times a week
7.Eat Leguminous Plants
8.Grains and Raw Foods are preferred
9.As far as the vegetables, give priority to broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, chard, beets, kohlrabi, watercress, celery, parsley, carrots, fennel, almost all types of onions, garlic, locust bean, cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin.
10.Eat rice, corn, wheat, peanuts
11.You need to eat flax seeds and cumin seeds, basil, sage, mint, citrus fruits, rosehips
12.Olive oil is also highly recommended. At least two tablespoons per day.
13.Avoid beef, lamb, fat cheeses, crackers, margarine, snacks, and grapefruit also
14.Remove processed foods from your diet.


Breast Cancer Prevention Diet

Doctors advise alternative methods of treatment such as Food, Vitamin Supplements and a Healthy Lifestyle.
Green tea is highly recommended, because that is a natural antioxidant. Garlic, Broccoli and Grapes are on the list of the best foods.

Garlic fights against many bacteria and infections. Garlic also has an important role in the fight against cancer, particularly because of the presence of alkyl sulphides.

Broccoli is a powerful food that breaks up cancer cells.

Grape seed extract destroys cancer cells. Also, doctors recommend to patients with breast cancer consuming of grape juice.


You can plant wheat grass at home, just plant wheat seeds. When wheatgrass grows, you can get juice by squeezing grass in juicer.
Green tea is a great drink in Breast Cancer Prevention Diet. You need to regularly take Vitamin D, also (for example fish oil).
Organic soybean seeds are very popular and effective.